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Hi! I'm so glad to meet you!

Here's a little bit of info about me.

I'm primarily a self-taught artist, best known for fluid encaustic abstractions. I tend to work intuitively and love to explore the connection between spirituality and the environment through my work.

In terms of mediums, I paint mainly with pigment-dyed molten wax (called ‘encaustic painting’). I mix my own paints using locally sourced suppliers and try to keep it as environmentally friendly and as natural as possible. My mediums are made from 100% beeswax and dammar resin which smells heavenly. I also delight in exploring other media and disciplines such as kinetic sculpture and installation art. I see the beauty in imperfection and repurpose materials and collected ephemera in unconventional ways as part of my practice.  


Did You Know...

I love being on the water but have a deep water fear. 

I used to compete internationally in dragonboat races as part of a women's team and mixed crew. I was lucky to be part of two awesome teams and I'm still friends with a lot of them to this day!

I love paddling on the water whether it's in a dragonboat (although that's been awhile), an outrigger canoe (same thing), kayak or a stand up paddle board. The SUP is my latest thing. I don't get a chance to paddle as much as I'd like to but I enjoy it whenever I can. 

I love making bubbles from teeny tiny ones to absolutely ginormous monster 5' to 15' bubbles. 

For a few years, I taught kids from Preschool to Grade 6  how to make these crazy bubbles at my son's school Play Days. That's about 200 kids a day during the Play Days. I still get to enjoy making bubbles with kids through programs at the local library and street parties. It's fun and hectic; and I wouldn't miss it for the world!

I can play the ukulele but I realize I'm probably better off as an instrumentalist.  I don't let that stop me from singing though! 

And, last but definitely not least, I'm blessed with an amazing family. I have the most amazing, loving, and funny partner who supports me in my various art-making shenanigans. He's put up with me making my art everywhere in our house. He's been my biggest supporter and the main reason I've been able to commit to my art practice so much. And, together we get to raise a funny and curious 10 year old who is a constant source of wonder and inspiration for me.

I also have to send out a huge thank you to the rest of my family and friends. They inspire me, encourage me and kick me in the butt whenever I need it. I couldn’t make my art without them.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about me. Thanks for stopping by!