Here are some tips on how to display your encaustic art and keep it in mint condition.


Displaying Your Art:

Encaustic paintings are very archival. But, like other fine art work, some care is involved in keeping it in great shape. Because encaustic art is made of wax, you should avoid hanging or storing your art on or near a fireplace or other heat sources such as direct sunlight, and heating vents. You should also avoid leaving it in the car on a hot day. Sudden extreme temperature changes can also cause cracking or damage to the painting so art should be displayed / stored in climate controlled areas.

My painting, Imua, is displayed on a focal wall away from direct heat and sunlight. 

My painting, Imua, is displayed on a focal wall away from direct heat and sunlight. 



Encaustic paintings are very easy to care for. If your art piece has a smooth surface, you can gently wipe dust away with a soft lint free cloth like an eyeglass or lens cleaning microfibre cloth.

You can also blow gently to clear textured areas or use a soft brush to gently clean dust from cracks and crevices


Moving and Storing Your Art:

As with any fine art, please take care to protect the surface and edges when moving it.

I suggest keeping the custom packaging that your painting came in for moving/storage purposes.

With proper care and maintenance, you'll be able to enjoy your paintings for many, many years.


Wax Bloom:

In some cases, you may notice a cloudy area in your painting. If your art 'blooms' (or becomes cloudy), buff gently in circular motions with a soft lint free cloth or microfibre cloth to bring the clarity back.

Your art piece will continue to cure over the next few years and will require less buffing. The layers become clearer and your painting will gain even more depth.