This is a custom circular hanging system I developed for my paintings. This video shows my painting, Run Off I, mounted on the wall and rotated 360 degrees. The painting can be rotated any time without needing to be rewired or even removed from the wall.

It's the little things...

I love design and I love adding special touches to my work whenever I can.

Everyone has their own unique perspective on things. And, because I don't want to impose my idea of how my art should be displayed, I created a special hanging system for my circular works. I want my collectors to be able to interact with my art more and really make it their own.

My custom circular hanging system allows the painting to be mounted on the wall and rotated 360 degrees to permit the viewer to change the orientation of the painting at any time. The nice thing about this, you can change the perspective with a simple twist. No need to rewire or reframe the painting. It's simple and effective!